River Hills, Lake Wylie EMS


Your non-profit, volunteer focused emergency medical service for the South Carolina communties of Bethel, Lake Wylie, and River Hills.



Our primary mission is to provide Advanced Lifesaving Support every hour of every day to our community but that is not all we do!


River Hills Lake Wylie offers a number of programs to the community:


Open registration CPR classes occour monthly or as required for community organizations and companies. We do not charge for CPR training beyond the cost of the American Heart Association certificate (currently $10.00 per participant).


We offer a First Responder program for Juniors to learn more about emergency medicine which is offered each Fall and is no cost to the participants beyond the cost of the student workbook for the 32 classroom hour course.


We provide onsite in-service training for our EMS staff that is also open to other EMS professionals in the community that are not affiliated with RHEMS. The in-service training is NREMT & DHEC compliant.